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Crypto & ASIC Mining Meet Up | Mining Demo | Workshop

  • March 26, 2022
  • Saturday (16:00 - 20:00)
Crypto & ASIC Mining Meet Up | Mining Demo | Workshop Image
Interested in Crypto Mining but have little idea how it all works?
Well, we're going to show you.
We have guest speakers / jedis from ASIC Phuket who are kind enough to demo exactly how Crypto mining works.
They will be bringing in one of their ASIC Ant Miners to literally show us exactly how to make money from Crypto mining.
We will be covering important questions such as....
What is Crypto Mining?
How does it work?
How does the hardware work?
How does the software work?
How loud is mining hardware?
What kind of ventilation is required?
What is the Thai law stance in Crypto mining?
What are the electric costs in Thailand like?
What profit can be made?
What’s the cost of hardware?
Where to buy and get setup on your own?
Anyone interested in collaborating on a project?
There will also be a question session to cover any unanswered questions you might have if you are interested in getting into Crypto mining.
This event will be perfect for any of the following....
1. If you are generally interested in crypto.
2. If you are interested in investment (Even if you know nothing about crypto).
3. If you are seriously wanting to get into Crypto mining. Either on your own or as collaboration project.